Omniverse Alias Connector v203.0 Release

We are excited to announce that the latest release of the Alias Connector is now available on the Omniverse Enterprise Launcher!
This version now supports Alias 2024.
Please download the latest bugfix version (203.0.2) in order to get last minute bug fixes.

New Features

  • Moved export settings to the file picker menu.
  • Added Min Angle tessellation parameter for more control over the generated mesh to the file picker menu.
  • Added seperate Part option to the export/file picker menu.
  • Added a Brep output menu item to control the output: Breps and Meshes, Breps only, and Meshes only (Experimental)

Fixed Bugs

  • Improved tessellation speed using multi-threading.
  • Improved stitching and healing.
  • Fixed an issue where parts had wrong transforms.

Known Limitations

  • Alias versions 2021 and below are not supported
  • Names in USD may only contain alphanumeric characters and “_” [underscore], therefore all other special characters and umlauts are replaced by their hexadecimal representation.
  • You may need to run Fix Layer assignment in order to match a valid USD representation.
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