Omniverse App dosent work on computer when connected to Omniverse AMI on AWS,it would freeze

hi everyone
this is the tutorial I follow
and it works well upto that end, but then the app wont work after that
totally freezes

it is surprising how can it freeze, when rest of my computer is working smoothly and when backend is on the AWS AMI by Nvidia on the marketplace
please suggest the solution

Thanks in advance

Hi @daee.sadaf2011. Welcome to the forums! Please consider joining the community on Discord too: NVIDIA Omniverse

Looks like this is Isaac Sim specific. I’ll move this over to the Isaac Sim forum for you to get help there.

Hi. Please provide more details on the issue.

  1. Where does it freeze? Is while the RTX is loading screen?
  2. Do you run ./ and launcher the Omniverse Streaming Client on your local computer? You need a GPU to run the Streaming Client.
  3. Please share your Isaac Sim logs if you see any errors.

Hi @Sheikh_Dawood , does this mean that it wont work if Omniverse Streaming client is installed on MAC?

I don’t think the Streaming Client in supported on a MacOS.

I thought so, but found Omniverse Streaming Client on Apple Store, thought that this could do the job. Oh, I have just noticed that it is for ipad and not verified for macos.
Thank you Sheikh_Dawood!