Omniverse Audio2Face Setup Environment

I installed it via NVIDIA Omniverse Launcher to run Omniverse Audio2Face.
However, the GPU specification says it is possible in RTX, so when you run it, an error appears in the console window.
It doesn’t seem to be working properly. So should I buy an RTX GPU and use it as a StandAlone?
I wonder if it is possible to use a server with RTX GPU as a network.
I have a server with Titan RTX installed and I was wondering if there is a way I can use it.
I found RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS), and I was wondering if it would be possible to use it.
I also know it costs money, but I’m curious what it’s going to cost. You can also point us to a site where you can find information about costs.
Finally, I wonder if there is a way to use NVIDIA-managed cloud servers instead of the servers we have.
If so, I would also like to know about the cost.

Audio2Face is considering 3 environments (1. StandAlone, 2. Local Server usage, 3. NVIDIA Cloud Server usage).
Is it possible in all three environments?

Hello @jaewoo.lim! Great questions! I recommend that you contact our Omniverse Enterprise Team to help get you and your team setup with everything you are asking for. We have different pricing plans based on the size of your team and it’s needs.

Right now, we have a 30-day Free Trial that you can register for!

You can contact the team here: Omniverse Enterprise Contact

Hi WendyGram

I have question.

Are you saying that Audio2Face environments are available in all three cases?
(1. StandAlone, 2. Local Server usage, 3. NVIDIA Cloud Server usage).
#2 and #3 are also possible, do you mean contact omniverse Enterprise Team for pricing?
Or do you mean to contact the omniverse Enterprise Team as you don’t know if 2 and 3 are possible or impossible?