Omniverse bloat?

The tools are amazing - but for someone who uses my system for more than just working with omniverse, I find the install very heavy handed.

  • I use the tools a few times a month so I turn it off from “startup apps”, but the moment I open it again - the splash screen is overexcitedly back every restart.
    Off means off - please keep it off.

  • Login every time is a bit obnoxious - but it’s free so I can’t complain too much.
    Not a user friendly experience though.

But the BIG thing:

  • Even when not a startup app, not run, and should have NOTHING active after a restart. I have 17 Omniverse related tasks in the task manager. (plus another 4 Materials related, and a few Nvidia things not related to my GPU)
    Even if these are quietly idle - this seems excessive.
    I uninstalled thinking something was going wrong and reinstalled… Same thing.


For now I’m removing everything completely and will install when needed - but likely set it up on a second boot drive version of Windows to keep it fully off when not needed.
FWIW - I don’t have this issue with other creator apps. (Unreal, Unity, Reallustion, DaVinci, Sketchup, etc)
I expect it from gamer apps like Razor, but not from nVidia.

Or am I missing something?
Can off mean off and closed mean closed - I have just missed some setting someplace?

Hello @IMRSVPete! I believe this post has the information you need: Is there a way to turn off all these services on Start Up?

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for the reply.
Indeed - This is what I was trying to say I was doing in the first bullet - but as soon as I run Omniverse the next time it automatically reenables itself to run at startup again.