Omniverse - can't connect - gdpr.json failed

new user to omniverse here.
when i try to launch the omniverse launcher, after supplying my login credentials the server replies with an error : “error invoking remote method ‘data-sharing-agreement’: FetchError: request to failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED”.
any ideas how to resolve this issue so i can try out omniverse ?

Can you log out of the launcher and log back in?

it doesn’t appear as though i was ever logged in. in any case, even with the application completely closed, the first thing that happens when i start it is this error.

i’m never prompted to log in.

additional info :

  • there are no web browsers running when i launch the launcher.
  • although there are 3 omniverse launcher processes running that apparently remain in the background after i receive the error and close the window, there are none running when i first launch it.

i getting the same

not sure why any help?

Hi there! Can you try accessing that link ( in your browser and see if it works? That error can sometimes appear when the service cannot connect to the internet.


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hi @emendizabal,

thanks for your reply.

yes, accessing from a browser running on the same machine, same account, results in a json message ("By accessing or using Omniverse Beta, you agree to… "). so apparently there’s no problem getting to the omniverse machine from the pc, i think it must be a software issue with the launcher. i tried the launcher again before writing this reply thinking the problem might have been fixed if it were a server issue, since i was able to receive the json in the browser, but the problem persists.

FYI the version of the installer omniverse-launcher-win.exe is listed as i downloaded the installer again and did a completely fresh install, the error message is shown immediately after the install as the application apparently starts directly afterwards.

Hi @xtolchinskii , thanks for your patience on this. Can you please check to see if your browser is configured for a proxy (and the launcher is not)?


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