Omniverse CODE 2023.1.1 asset path not found

I have a question regarding the last version of CODE.
To clarify and explain my problem I have simplified my usd scene which is structured as follows:


The omniPBR.usd material has a texture asset containing the name of the png in the upper directory like this: @texture.png@. I had this scene working without problems in CODE 2022.3.3, but in CODE 2023.1.1 it says: [omni.hydra] Asset path “texture.png” not found
Did the previous version had different search paths to look for? I couldn’t find anything reagarding search paths in the documentation, so I would appreciate any clarification.

Thank you!

@manuelshino just another user here. unfortunately i cannot speak to the changes between 2022.3.3. vs 2023.1.1; but, do you know if the asset path was relative or absolute? you should be able to tell if it has a … at the beginning of said asset. one way that i know of, is checking via the USD Paths extension, which you may need to install/enable.


The asset path is relative, it doesn’t have … in the beginning and thanks @Simplychenable for recommending the USD Path extension, it looks like a good tool to fix large scenes if needed