Omniverse Composer RTX loading

I am a new guy of Omniverse USD Composer and I want to have a try on a sample scene(Marbles_Assert).
But the viewport shows nothing but RTX loading. I hung it all night and still couldn’t load it all.
Is anyone knows what should I do?

Nvidia Drive:537.58, with GTX 1070

@997639410 as another user, welcome to Omniverse! the reason why it never loads for you is because RTX cards are the backbone to the OV platform/ecosystem. you can read more about the technical requirements for Composer on this doc page:

so you will either need to invest some money for an upgrade or consider procuring a virtual machine that has the capability depending on your needs.

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Got it, thanks. Guess it’s time for my computer to retire :(

luckily, black friday is right around the corner; some RTX cards have seen a drop in price. 🙏

Yes unfortunately your 1070 is below min specs. I would look at a 30x or 40x gen