Omniverse connector can not export material BUG


Omniverse connector has a serious bug when you export to USD, material.mdl can not be exported,
but sometimes it works, sometimes not,
very terrible!

even you export to server or local PC,
the bug will be happen!!!

Please fix it, it’s difficult for me to continue using Omniverse…

Thank you for trying Omniverse and reporting this issue. I tried this locally with vray and multi-sub object materials and it worked both to local disc and to Nucleus.

It would be helpful if we can get your 3dsmax version, Connector version, and any log files. Also possibly DM me a sample file. It possible there is something in your file, it would be good rule that out and we can help figure out your issue.

max version: 2022.3update+vray 5.2
connector version: 103.3.1

canNotExportMaterial.max (1.3 MB)

Attached the max.

The strange thing is if you assign part of the multi-material to any other Poly even like a box, the multi .mdl can export fine, but if u delete the other poly, it fail again, you can check the youtube link last post, you will know what I talking about.

All my working project is hold on this bug, please help.

I had uploaded the max file for a long time and waiting for reply, is there has any solution? I meet the BUG everyday every job…almost cry out, even I use my home computer all new install ever max and Omniverse, the bug still will happen again… : (

Hi sinsin55duck, I tested this in our daily connector and this seems to work with your sample file. the next release of max should have this working.

no, I try the newest version of connector, the bug still there, I try to explain more clear maybe you have some misunderstanding.

This Bug occur when using multi/sub material. Try to download my max file, there is a very simple box assigned with Multi/sub-object material, do NOT build another poly model, directly export it to omni or PC local, no .mdl texture will be export.

After that I found the stupid way to fix the bug is build a new model, any model is ok, even a teapot or something, assign one of the material which is child under the multi/sub material, any material is ok, confirm it is under multi, than export the box again(only box), you will find the .mdl file this time.

I cap a new video to you show the bug you will know what I am talking about. Please check

I tested this in our current build by downloading the provided file and using file export to disc. This worked well in 200.1 as well as our next build 200.2, due out in a week or two, and it appears to be consistently exporting the materials as desired. Looking at your video, it appears you are using a 100 series Max Connector, I can tell by the export options and toolbar.

Can you update to the newest available max connector please. The material paths on export has been completely reworked and have tried your file about a dozen times with success each time.
Thank you

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