Omniverse Connector - Filling up CUI in 3DSMax 2022


I have uninstalled Omniverse Connector because it was making 3DSMAx 2022 very unresponsive.
More details here: Solved: Re: 3DSMax 2022 - Customise User Interface menu running very slow: - Autodesk Community

I do not know if I was running the latest release of Launcher or Connector, I forgot to look.
But if anyone else is experiencing a slowing down of 3DSMaxs CUI editor window, this is the cause.


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I’m able to replicate this in 3ds max 2023 as well - I am logging this defect.
Thanks for sharing this with us.


many duplicate menus in 3dsmax because of omniverse plugin
I have this problem too. I searched very much on the internet for this problem. Yes, exactly the omniverse is the culprit of this problem. Also, I Update the connector and it did not fix this problem. Idk why should it re-create menus in every restart of 3dsmax ?!!! My startup menu UI file was more than 10mb.
also I changed below script but it did not help. currently, the only way is uninstalling omniverse.

Latest release ( v201.0 ) addresses this issue. The extension will try to cleanup duplicate menus, but the names were not always unique in an abundance of caution it may leave some behind so that we don’t inadvertently delete menus that may have the same name.