Omniverse Connectors C# Bindings

Is it possible to develop custom Connector using C#?
Are there C# bindings for Connectors SDK?
Which is the best way to include Connectors C++ SDK in C# project?

Hello @dskochynskyi! I don’t believe we support C# specifically, but I will ask the development team to confirm. We do have support for C++. Here is a link to our documentation to help you get started: C++ OGN Code Examples

Let me know if this helps or if you have any more questions!

Hi @WendyGram ! Thank you for the reply! Looking forward for more details about C# support.

Another question is: can omni client C++ library be included in C++/CLR class library project? Can it be compiled with /clr option?

Hi @dskochynskyi! Our development team does not currently have plans for C# support. However, we can drum up the need for C# support if this is something the community wants! I made a development ticket for C# support and added this post to the ticket.

So, my lovely community members, if you want this feature, please let us know here!

(Internal ticket OM-45172)


+1 for C# support

Also +1 for C#

There is a quite big community of people around Unity 3D and they are using C#/.NET. It can be beneficial both for Omniverse and these people to have C#/.NET support.