Omniverse Cortex ROS Connections Error : ROS_PACKAGE_PATH is set

I am studying Omniverse Isaac sim Tutorial.
In Isaac Cortex Tutorials, I cannot connect sim robot to roscore.

Following the tutorial, I launched cortex.
$ ./cortex launch --usd_env=Isaac/Samples/Cortex/Franka/BlocksWorld/cortex_franka_blocks_belief_sim.usd --enable_ros

But, I got the error message.

“ERROR – ROS_PACKAGE_PATH is set. Cortex cannot be launched within a ros sourced environment.”

The region of this error is “ROS_PACKAGE_PATH=/opt/ros/noetic/share”
To open roscore, I installed ros-noetic. But I cannot launch cortex with ros because of installation.

Please help me.

Hi @sungbae9023

Try removing the ROS environment variable form current terminal session by typing:


By the way, I recommend you to ask Isaac Sim questions in its own forum for a better support and experience: Omniverse Isaac Sim - NVIDIA Developer Forums

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