Omniverse Create 2022.3.3 High memory usage issue


I never had the following issue up till recently, but whenever I open Create, it’s taking ages to load a fresh scene, and when loaded, camera movement tends to lag without even having any assets in scene.

I have reinstalled Create, deleted the Cache, updated the graphics card drivers, restarted PC after changes etc. without any changes in performance whatsoever.

My GPU is an RTX 3060 TI with 32 GB of RAM. Attached is an image showing full usage of GPU memory too.

What could be the case please?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ryan
Yes that does seem like the new version is consuming 100% of your vram. Not sure why it would be this high. So on a fresh windows boot, and a fresh start up of Create, with nothing open, it is using all of your vram ? The old version did not do this before ?

Hi Richard,

Yes exactly, after I restarted my windows PC and restarted Create afresh, with just the blank new project scene, it’s using half my vram and when I move the camera, the other half of my vram suddenly is used. The older versions never did this, but upon opening an older version, it started happening too. It just started happening out of the blue honestly!

Also, I do not have any other high-memory programs open too, so I’m not sure what’s causing this all of a sudden!

Hi @RyanGatt ,

Did you happened to update Nvidia graphics Driver recently ? The graphics driver could be an issue sometimes, maybe revert to your previous driver version to test it out.

Hi David, I had the old graphics driver when this happened too. I updated to see if that was the issue but was not resolved! All of this happened out of the blue as I mentioned, with everything being as it was, then I did anything you might think of to fix, like re-installations, updates, reboot etc. and it still stayed the same. I even deleted Cache and deleted unused files on my PC. I don’t know why it’s lagging this much now.

Its exactly the same to me!, apparently is somehitng related with the new update. is there a way to go back in versions?

Hi Nicolasch
Can you post a screenshot or video of this happening and tell me about your system specs ?

You can install older versions of Create through the Omniverse Exchange tab, in the apps section. Select Create and press on the release build version and a drop down with multiple versions will come up, select an older one and click install.

Just an update, Create is somewhat working all of a sudden, without doing anything. Don’t know what was wrong, maybe a memory leak.


To anyone having this memory issue, please first install the older version and confirm that it is acting normally. Then show me screenshots of both old and new versions after they first boot with the memory resources information displayed

Could this be related to the same driver issue affecting the Maxon Redshift render?

Thanks for the help with this issue @Richard3D, but it got fixed on its own after two months using CODE as my main app, switching from CREATE. Now, CREATE is working fine and CODE has the same issue CREATE had in the first place.

To answer in regard of your statement, before, older versions were lagging too, I rolled back to older GPU drivers too. Now all of a sudden CREATE is working again. Have you seen these sort of issues from others and deducted some sort of issue for this happening?

I am afraid I am not sure what exactly is happening no. If you can post your logs for any app having issues we can take a look.