Omniverse Create and Isaac Sim view port bug

When I’m changing viewport by hold clicking on mouse with latest Omniverse apps (Isaac Sim 2021.1.1 or Create 2021.3.6) and after release the mouse button, but viewport don’t released. This bug is occurs a lot on Ubuntu 18.04 version. Please fix that bug.

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Hello @tdain721! I reported this bug to the dev team. (Internal Ticket number OM-40703). Thanks for letting us know!

Hi ,

Would you be able to explain when you mean by “Hold Clicking on mouse”?
and what do you mean by “Viewport don’t release” ?

we are gonna look into it but we are not sure how to reproduce.

Thanks for your feedback .

For example. If i want to rotate view angle, I need to hold press down and moving mouse. And after release my hand from the mouse when view port is reached desired angle. But omniverse app still rotating the angle. Also can not click any other UI. If this bug happens there is not have way to stop that view port rotating except force quit the app."

I see , i was not able to replicate on my window system, but will try on Ubuntu 18.04

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Same issue here. Please fix it, it is very annoying. I have it and a colleague of mine, too, using different mice, mine is a Logitech MX Master 3.

It happens under Linux and Windows as well, in Omniverse Create and Isaac Sim.

When I right-click/drag in the viewport, sometimes nothing happens. When I let the right mouse button go, the context menu opens. The problem persists, until I either click in the viewport a couple of times or hit escape.

The other issue that frequently shows up is the one tdain721 reports. sometimes the viewport is stuck in ‘look mode’. Even with no mouse button held, the camera rotates when moving the mouse. Wildly clicking or hitting escape sometimes helps, until one of the issues show up again.


FYI: I am using Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10.

I am experiencing the same issue on Isaac Sim with Ubuntu 20.04.3.

Hi @WendyGram,

could you give us an update on the ticket, please?


@tdain721 @WendyGram I have the same issue using IsaacSim and Create on Linux. I do not have the issue with Create on Windows. I’ve experienced on Linux when using both a Logitech MX Master 3 and a Dell Multidevice Wireless Mouse

To me it seems that the problem is more pronounced when I am in a complex scene that uses a lot of resources for rendering.