Omniverse Create - Conveyor Belt Simulation

I am trying to move objects on a conveyor belt, is there any option for importing conveyor belt with its rotating functionality from NVDIA asset store.

the conveyor belts should be available as part of IsaacSim, @Hammad_M might be able to point you to the assets directly.
However you can create the conveyor belts yourself using directly physics and USD. Check the physics demo (Window->Simulation->Physics->Demos) conveyor belt. The conveyor belt functionality works based on surface velocity. This velocity can be defined as velocity set on a kinematic body.

@Hammad_M , Can you help with conveyor belt asset from IsaacSim

You can check the Isaac conveyor utility, that helps you set it up using omnigraph nodes:

The assets are available as part of the Conveyor Track builder, that on building your track sets it up with the appropriate physics settings.

Is there any tutorial on how to assemble a fully functional conveyor belt using these assets?

Section 2.3 shows how to use the conveyor belt authoring tool. From using this tool they come fully set up, just need to define the conveyor speed to get them moving objects.