Omniverse Create crashes and closes, by issue RTX


My tower PC, with Intel Core i9 processor, with NVIDIA Quadro P1000 graphics card

I open the Omniverse Create application with version 2022.1.4, it is the first time, I have added the MetaHumans body of UE_5. A short time passes, less than 2 minutes, the application crashes and closes.

When opening the application, I get two warning messages:

  • Available gpus are not supported. list of available gpus: [NVIDIA Quadro P1000’,‘Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630’]

  • RTX engine creation failed. RTX renderers in viewport will be disabled. Please make sure selected GPU is RTX-capable, and GPU drivers meet requirements.

That is, do I have to buy the graphics card with RTX?

I wait for your help

Thank you very much

Hello @LuisFer-DFA! Thanks for reaching out. Currently, Omniverse requires your GPU to have the RT Tensor Cores that are only available on our RTX cards. Here is a link to our technical requirements: Create Technical Requirements

However, we will be releasing Omniverse Cloud very soon where you can access Ominverse from any device from any location. Here is a link to more information on that: Ominverse Cloud


Yesterday I applied for access to the Omniverse Cloud (Nucleus and Simple Share). They still haven’t approved of me (Approval pending). I ask if I should wait a bit, yes?

Thank you very much for your help.


Hello! :)

Two weeks ago, I have applied for access to Omniverse Cloud (Nucleus and Simple Share). They still haven’t approved it for me (Pending Approval).

I would like to know if it has to do with the international call, or if I simply have to wait longer, until the access request is approved.

I have asked this on the forum, they still haven’t answered me, I don’t know if they’ve seen it:

I wait for your help.

Thank you very much,