Omniverse Enterprise Couldn't Setup Elastic Search Properly

We met problems at establish the Elastic Search Services for NG Search of Omniverse Enterprise.
We first dock the Omniverse Enterprise successfully.
Then, following the configuration process of the Elastic Search. We met some problems while Enroll Additionnal Nodes .After we input the following command from 2nd step,
docker run -e ENROLLMENT_TOKEN=“” --name es02 --net elastic -it

We met these error messages below.

Can anyone help us?
Thanks a lot.
Yixiong Xu

hello @328665042 -
The -e ENROLLMENT_TOKEN=“<token>” needs to have the value from your first single-node installation. You need to save that value and use it here.

From Install Elasticsearch with Docker | Elasticsearch Guide [8.4] | Elastic

When you start Elasticsearch for the first time, the installation process configures a single-node cluster by default. This process also generates an enrollment token and prints it to your terminal. If you want a node to join an existing cluster, start the new node with the generated enrollment token.

Hello, thank you for your solutions.
We have no experience about the latest version(8.3) of Elastic Search.
And we found that there are so many tutorials about the Elastic Search of ver 7.17.
So could we use the ver. 7.17 instead of ver. 8.3 for setting up the Elastic Search for the NG Search?
As we think it should be easier and better for us.
Looking forward to your reply.
Yixiong Xu

hello @328665042 - NVIDIA has tested with 7.14, so version 7.17 should be fine to use.

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