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Frequently Asked Questions for Omniverse Usage

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Omniverse Developer

  1. How do I reference a USDZ file?
  2. How do I look up all of the parameters for a Kit Command?
  3. How do I set the current frame using Python?
  4. How do I execute an Action Graph using Python?
  5. How do I align radio buttons horizontally?
  6. How do I refresh a UI window?
  7. How do I customize the appearance of a slider?
  8. How do I create many prims at available prim paths?
  9. How do I create a group at a specific prim path?
  10. Is there a way to check if a prim exists?
  11. How do I refer to the child of a prim without giving the prim path?
  12. How can I create a notification popup in the viewport with a log message?
  13. How do I show labels in the viewport for multiple prims?
  14. How do I execute arbitrary code from VSCode in Omniverse?
  15. How do I create omni.ui.Rectangle shapes with only top or bottom rounded corners?
  16. How do I update the list of items in a ui.ComboBox without recreating the widget?
  17. How do I change the shape of the mouse cursor?
  18. How do I get the world position of a prim?
  19. What are the conventions for naming extensions?
  20. How do I add a custom window in the Window menu?
  21. How do I share python code between extensions?
  22. What’s the difference between a shape and mesh?
  23. How do I import cl?
  24. How do I import sc?
  25. How do I define UI colors?
  26. How do I add an item to a menu?
  27. How do I connect a ColorWidget to the base color of a material at a specific path?
  28. How do I create an undo group?
  29. How do I avoid adding a command to the undo history?
  30. How do I query the selected item in a ui.ComboBox?
  31. How do I use Kit tokens?
  32. Why do I only see one widget in my UI container?
  33. Why is the legacy viewport API not working anymore?
  34. How do I create an OmniGraph using Python scripting?
  35. How do I create another viewport?
  36. How do I use the Script Node?
  37. Why doesn’t OV Code start?
  38. How do I inject my custom menu item into an existing context menu?
  39. Where are Omniverse logs located?
  40. Where is the data directory for an Omniverse app?
  41. What is link_app.bat?
  42. How do I get intellisense working in VS Code?
  43. How do I dock my window?
  44. How do I subscribe to changes to a prim or attribute? (omni.usd.get_watcher())
  45. How can I display dynamic images within a frame?
  46. What can I use a for loop with?
  47. How do I create a progress bar?
  48. How do I add widgets on top of the viewport? (ViewportWindow.get_frame)
  49. How do I use value model with ui.Placer?
  50. How do I see all of the code from the UI documentation examples?
  51. How do I uninstall an extension?
  52. How do I export USDZ?
  53. Where is the extension I was working on?
  54. How do I create complex UI without so much indented Python code?
  55. How do I Collect Asset using Python to share a full Omniverse project?
  56. How do I capture a screenshot of the viewport?
  57. How do I change the visibility of a prim using Action Graph?
  58. Where are the API docs for extensions?
  59. How do I browse for a file for import?
  60. How do I browse for a file for export?
  61. How do I use the Script Node? (using compute function)
  62. How do I find and execute a Kit Action?
  63. How do I programmatically toggle fullscreen mode?
  64. How do I move a prim in the forward direction?
  65. How do I change the label of an Action Graph UI button?
  66. How do I style and Action Graph UI Button?
  67. How do I pass extra parameters to a button’s clicked_fn callback?
  68. How do I programmatically Lock Selected for a prim?
  69. How do I create an MDL material on a stage?
  70. How do I make a prim unselectable in the viewport?
  71. How do I create custom properties?
  72. Can I write custom components for prims like in Unity?
  73. How can I toggle the stats heads up display on the viewport?
  74. How can you switch cameras on the active viewport?
  75. How can I programmatically create and join an OmniLive session?
  76. How can I programmatically change the renderer to RTX Real-Time, RTX Path Tracing, Iray, or Storm?
  77. How do you add two windows from one extension?
  78. How do I get an Omniverse app to pick up a new environment variable?
  79. How do programmatically select a prim?
  80. How do I reset the settings and preferences for a Kit app?
  81. How do I programmatically open a Stage in Kit?
  82. How do I get just the mesh prims from my current selection?
  83. How do I programmatically add an SBSAR material to my USD Stage?
  84. How do I validate my assets to make sure they are up-to-date with the latest USD specification?

Where do my applications download?

If you are looking for where the applications are installed on your computer you can find out by opening the Omniverse Launcher > Library Tab > Click the Hamburger icon > Settings


Then you can see the path to where the application is downloaded.

How do I change where my files download?

You can change where download paths by opening the Omniverse Launcher > User Icon > Settings

Do you have a Discord Channel?

Yes! Absolutely! And we have a GREAT COMMUNITY of industry experts ready to help as well as our NVIDIA developers that occasionally prowl the chat rooms! If you are a developer, there is a team of experts ready to help you get started!


How do I get started with Omniverse?

  1. First of all, check out our technical requirements.
  2. Next, install Omniverse!
  3. Once you open Omniverse, check out the Launcher! (You should be prompted to install the cache! Make sure you say yes!)
    • The News tab keeps you updates with the latest news about Omniverse
    • The Library tab is where you’ll find the apps you’ve installed
    • The Exchange tab is where you search for available apps & connectors
    • The Nucleus tab is where you can manage your Nucleus server
    • The Learn tab has tutorials, helpful videos, and documentation to help get you started!
  4. Install the cache! If not promted to do so, go to the Exchange tab and search for cache and install the latest version
  5. Install Nucleus and create your localHost server. Nucleus is the magic behind converting application data into the USD format. Make sure you have it!
  6. Have fun! Omniverse is YOUR PLAYGROUND. Test it out, play with it!

What is Omniverse?

I’m a developer, how do I get started?

I recommend that you check this page out: Omniverse Development Resource Center

I also recommend that you join our discord server.

How do I move a menu to an external Window / 2nd Monitor?

RMC on any menu tab to open the Move to External Window option.


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How do I create multiple Viewports?

You can open a 2nd Viewport by going to Window > Viewport and clicking the Viewport 2 option.

How do I turn selection outlines on and off in Create?

selection outline


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