Omniverse Farm testing


I ran some testing of Omniverse farm over the weekend, cool stuff! Some questions that came up wondering if someone could assist me with:

  • When using Movie Capture, if I select MP4 as an output format, I am not allowed to submit to Queue. How can I enable this?

  • My Farm server had two 3060ti’s in it, but I noticed that only one card was doing all the work when processing a render. How do I get both cards going? They both are visible in nvidia-smi and the Vulcaninfo app

  • When sending a job to the farm, not sure how to choose a folder ‘accessible to both nucleus and the remote client’. I tried setting up Omniverse drive on the remote client, but o: did not show up in Machinima when trying to choose an export folder. The rendered job succeeded on the farm, but no files were on my remote system if I choose a local dir on the remote machine, and in the log, it says error writing file (probably because it can’t navigate to a remote machine dir). What is the right way to choose an output folder from the remote machinima client’s movie capture output?

Thanks for your help!

Jeremy K