Omniverse for Digital Twin

We want to create digital twin for Energy on the Omniverse.

Could you provide some links to starting documentation for simulating a digital twin on Omniverse?

Basically I want to connect a physical charging station to the digital twin in Omniverse

Have you already completed the modeling and simulation of your Digital Twin in USD Composer ? Or are you saying you have the CAD model and you are starting from scratch ?

We have made a model using by placing markers on maps and then tried simulating the charging station.

We have not used USD composer…nor do we have a CAD model.

Basically, we want to model a network of charging stations, connect using APIs and simulate the digital twin using Omniverse.

Ok so it sounds like you need to start with at least USD Composer or Issac Sim and actually create a model of what you are trying to simulate. Once you have that you can start to add real world data to the model using Issac Sim. But without a CAD model that represents the physical world, you do not have a digital twin. If you are looking for a purely mathematical model of the charging network you can try using Issac Sim to build a network of virtual sensors and IOT data.

You can check out our Youtube Videos here: NVIDIA Omniverse - YouTube
You can check out our Documentation here: NVIDIA Omniverse Documentation

Thanks…did a high level review and feel that Issac Sim could help at the first instance (for mathematical and data modelling) with real time data from the charging network.

Are there any reference implementation of Issac Sim modelling such use-cases? I was trying to find some implementation guidelines or sample implementations.

I refer again to our above YouTube channel and documentation.

Thanks again.

Just to confirm, even to run Isaac Sim on the cloud, one would need to have a GPU on the local machine.

Please confirm.

Well you want at least some kind of half decent gpu yes. It does not have to be an RTX GPU locally if you are running in a web browser, but as always the better the gpu, the smoother the experience.

We had planned our application as a consumer application. In the case of the need of GPU to run the application, this might constrain our prospective users who may be assessing the application via a mobile app or a web browser.

Are there any other methods that an hosted Omniverse Digital Twin application could be assessed by consumers using web browser or mobile app?

Well let’s define this better. There are RTX requirements for AUTHORS and CREATORS not consumers.

If you want to make content and share content you will need an Enterprise License, and powerful RTX GPUs, a GDN license and a nvidia omniverse hosting plan.

For consumers, eventually yes, it’s just any web browser on any device but still with a good graphics card as possible. But it can be more consumer based. Maybe an iPad, maybe an iPhone.

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