Omniverse for Linux not working

I just downloaded and installed the Omniverse Launcher for Linux, but I can’t install any other app.
I wanted to work with blender and Omniverse Create, but they are only supported on Windows. I would really like to work on Linux. Some other people have mentioned building blender from source, using the experimental USD branch and then installing the Omniverse addons, but I don’t understand how I would build the Omniverse Create from source.

How can I use Omniverse on Linux and be able to download everything, just like on Windows?
Or is Linux not fully supported yet, and Windows is the main focus of the Omniverse development team?

I am on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS.

Thanks for your help.

@joshuac.cuellar, can you collect and send some logs from ~/.nvidia-omniverse/logs/launcher.log? Thanks!

Here is the output from the log:

[2023-11-20 18:55:35.547] [info]  Omniverse Launcher 1.9.8 (production)
[2023-11-20 18:55:35.559] [info]  Argv: /tmp/.mount_omniveVGjpej/omniverse-launcher
[2023-11-20 18:55:35.559] [info]  Crash dumps directory: /home/joshuacuellar/.config/omniverse-launcher/Crashpad
[2023-11-20 18:55:35.562] [info]  Start polling Launcher updates.
[2023-11-20 18:55:35.703] [debug] Running "/home/joshuacuellar/.local/share/ov/pkg/cache-2023.1.0/System Monitor/omni-system-monitor"
[2023-11-20 18:55:35.711] [debug] Reset current installer.
[2023-11-20 18:55:35.719] [info]  Running production web server.
[2023-11-20 18:55:35.724] [info]  HTTP endpoints listening at http://localhost:33480
[2023-11-20 18:55:35.724] [info]  HTTP endpoints listening at
[2023-11-20 18:55:35.728] [debug] Sharing: false
[2023-11-20 18:55:35.809] [info]  Started the Navigator web server on
[2023-11-20 18:55:36.597] [info]  Saving omniverse-launcher.desktop file to /tmp/omniverse-launcher-mfViiU...
[2023-11-20 18:55:36.597] [debug] 
 [Desktop Entry]
Exec="/home/joshuacuellar/Downloads/omniverse-launcher-linux.AppImage"  %u

[2023-11-20 18:55:36.650] [info]  Requesting the feature list for en...
[2023-11-20 18:55:36.739] [info]  Saving omniverse.desktop file to /tmp/omniverse-launcher-Vd2XSJ...
[2023-11-20 18:55:36.739] [debug] 
 [Desktop Entry]
Exec="/home/joshuacuellar/Downloads/omniverse-launcher-linux.AppImage"  %u

[2023-11-20 18:55:36.756] [info]  Enabled features for en: { bugReports: false }
[2023-11-20 18:55:36.813] [info]  Initialized.
[2023-11-20 18:55:36.873] [info]  Logged in.
[2023-11-20 18:55:43.719] [warn]  Couldn't load featured components:  Error: Featured components are not available -- HTTP403.

EDIT: I can download basic things like Omniverse Cache, some of the connectors, and all of the Content Packs, but Omniverse Create and Blender USD do not appear available for Linux:

Those were the applications I wanted to try out, as well as the Unreal Engine connector for professional rendering, which also doesn’t appear available for Linux:

Thanks for sharing your logs. We recently renamed Create to USDComposer and that should be available from the Linux launcher. Please let me know if that unblocks your issue.

If you are behind a corporate firewall, it can affect you installing certain apps. But we do offer all our apps for Linux as well as Windows. Type in Composer in the search bar and it should appear.

Yes, USDComposer is available for download. I downloaded it and that fixed that problem.

I still don’t completely understand the process for building Blender. I know that sometime during the build, I will have to add the USD Omniverse connector to the blender source code, but I don’t know how to do that.

Could you explain that part of the process?

Thanks for fixing the USD Composer part. I did not know that it had been renamed.