Omniverse Houdini Connector v102.3 Release

Omniverse Houdini Connector release v102.3

We are pleased to announce our next update to the Omniverse Houdini Connector which includes some improvements to the user experience and bugs fixes.

Release Notes


  • Added Custom Relative Path Outputprocessor. Better support exporting relative path to Omniverse Nucleus.


  • Updated to Client Library 2.24.0 and USD Resolver 1.20.0

  • Optimized Omni Loader, Omni Validator, Omni Lights to improve performance

  • Removed inputs from Omni Frustum SOP

  • Live Sync LOP now sets the last modified prim when in pull mode.

  • Omniverse Connection dialog now works with omniverse:// prefix.

  • Houdini Connector FS plugin supports Omniverse checkpoint syntax now


The user right clicks the file string and enables checkpoint syntax. Then, they scroll through their checkpoints, reviewing changes to their model.


  • Prevent mdl properties being converted to relative path or absolute path

  • Updated Omni EditMdl. Better handle of info:mdl:sourceAsset:subIdentifier attribute

  • Omni Loader preserves expressions in file path mode now

  • Fixed an issue Connection Panel showing disconnected servers


  • Removed object_omni_hdaConverter.hda

Please read the Houdini Connector Documentation.

Thank you for checking out the Omniverse Houdini Connector!