Omniverse Isaac Sim examples disapear from list

I recently found this tutorial very interesting on NVIDIA’s website ISAAC SIM Introduction and Live Demo | NVIDIA On-Demand. I got the robot platform to start some experiments on it.
I could see this example in the previous versions of the Isaac Sim, but after the upgrade, it is not available and non of the links in the tutorial are available. I wonder if there is any archives or anything available for the older versions of Isaac Sim?

Hi Mahdi,

sorry about that, but there are some new tutorials that you can try with dofbot,

Thanks ltorabi. The ability to connect to the robot via IP is not available anymore. Also, all RL examples around dofbot are dropped as well. Moreover, all links provided by moderators and users in the entire forum are not available too. This makes the Isaac Sim/ SDK/ GYM unreliable for use in real cases. I wonder if there is any plan to address this issue in the near future, please?

Hi Mahdi,

The reason that we removed the rl examples with dofbot is that Isaac Sim will be including a new api for RL soon, very similar to Isaac gym.
Isaac Sim is getting more mature, and we are rebuilding the APIs