Omniverse Launcher showing blank && Omniverse Isaac Sim unable to launch

Hi there, I am facing two different issues:-

  1. The Omniverse launcher shows blank, after some day, it is able to reflect the interface again (I did not make any changes and I am using RTX GPU).
  2. When I click on Isaac Sim (2022.2.1) lauch button, there is no response. It did not prompt the interface showing which Isaac Sim to choose.

Remark: I am running under Ubuntu 20.04.
Have anyone encounter the same issue as me and able to provide any advice?
Thank you!

Hi @Lay - Can you let us know what is the version of launcher?

We downloaded the latest launcher from Omniverse website. As for Ubuntu, we are using version 20.04. Thank you.

Hi, do you have any issues installing an running Create or other Omniverse apps?
Please post the output of nvidia-smi.

Hi, yes, I encountered the same issue for Create as well. Thanks

Hi @Lay - As requested please share the output of nvidia-smi in the post.

Hello, the launcher is working now. Thanks

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