Omniverse local server doesnt launch


I cannot connect to local server I created.

Error is: Fatal error detected
Failed to execute script main

Launcer log: [2023-08-18 11:28:53.278] [debug] Running “C:\omni\pkg\nucleus-workstation-2023.1.0\System Monitor\omni-system-monitor.exe”

@erhanagaoglu01 there are a few questions i’d like to ask:

  • could you share your hardware specs?
  • did you install the OV Launcher as admin? one possible reason is it’s related to not having appropriate local permission
  • can you also upload the whole log found in C:\Users\<USER>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher.log

launcher.log (23.6 KB)

Here is the full log. When I opened the program as admin, now i dont get any errors but still server does not launch.

ryzen 5800h/rtx3060/16gb

okay, the server that you’ve set up, was it localhost? can you provide a screenshot of the Nucleus tab from the OV Launcher?

sure thing, this is the tab I am trying to open

not sure what kind of server you had set up; but, if you are trying to setup a localhost server which i think is the most common, click on ‘Connect to a Server’ and enter ‘localhost’. you’ll then be prompted to a log in page in your browser. once the credentials have been entered based on what you’ve entered during install, you should be connected to the localhost if everything else is in check.

if you’d like to learn more of the process, you can take a look at this video on how to set up a Nucleus server.

Thanks a lot for your rapid support!

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enjoy your time in Omniverse! 👍

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