Omniverse Log-In Death Touch

We were trying out Omniverse at my work and had some basic things working a week or two ago. I came back from a trip and decided to give it another go and when I tried to log in it never got past authenticating. I’m able to get this on the browser when it opens:

But it never seems to register it in the app as you can see in this image (had to put this in my second post due to restrictions on embedding).

Out of curiosity I got my colleague to use Omniverse on his computer and he had no issues getting it running. I then tried getting him to log in on my computer and he encountered the same issue. I then tried to log in on his computer and failed. Here’s the kicker. After that HE WASN’T ABLE TO LOG IN! Pretty strange… We repeated this on two other systems. It also appears that using the clean up utility and running the AppImage doesn’t seem to help either either. We tried sussing out where the faulty state could be held but haven’t been able to get a solution ourselves.

Here are the details on the system:

  • Op: Ubuntu 22.04
  • GPU/Driver: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti/Driver Version: 535.86.05 CUDA Version: 12.2
  • The Launcher doesn’t state it’s version as near as I can tell without getting into it but it was taken from the webpage today.

Here are the logs from my original system.
(See third post due to restrictions on embedding)

I wiped out the cache it looks like so I can’t provide that for my own system. I can grab it from a colleague’s rig tomorrow if needed.

Image 2 referenced above:

Log files referenced in OP:
Processing: launcher.log…

for some reason, i can’t seem to download the log. can you use the upload feature instead?


@Simplychenable, thanks for letting me know. It was acting a bit wonkie in firefox but it seems like edge worked alright (on Linux, go figure).

launcher.old.log (5.0 MB)
launcher.log (3.0 MB)

thanks for the uploads. i presume the old log represent when you haven’t developed the death touch?

can you try something for me? set Edge as your default browser and try logging into OV Launcher again. if that doesn’t work, try Chrome.

there was another user from another thread that had reported issue with Firefox, so i am not sure if it’s what’s you are encountering. he posted the solution in this post.

I’m not sure why this was brown into two files. The system did it automatically. Interesting idea about firefox. This has worked in the past so I hadn’t suspected it. I’ll give edge or chrome a shot.

Different browsers made no difference. However I did create a new partition and was able to get access to Omni again. It seems like once you feel to log in once you’re out of luck on that system. I seen to have fixed the issue that was causing my 2fa to fail initially and trigger this bug so I can’t remove it at the moment.

sorry to hear you had to get out of your way to make a separate partition for it, but good to hear it’s working for you now.

as a side note since you are another Linux user, there were frequent reports of log in issues such as the one you experienced (and the one i pointed out in the other post), but the dev team is looking to address it in the next release. even though the log you’ve provided had different reports than what they were seeing on their end, but i am hoping whatever changes they plan to rollout can mitigate these type of behavior in general.