Omniverse Machinima 2021.1.2 Update

Omniverse Machinima UPDATE 2021.1.2!


We’re updating Machinima today to address issues we’ve seen in the forums and attempt to add some additional ease of use. After this update, we will be focusing on our next release, we hope to have this follow up to you very quickly. Please see the Roadmap forum post for more information on upcoming releases!

Also, be on the lookout for additional content drops in the next week and we’ll be doing a

stream on June 10th and 1pm PST for Machinima! More info here: Twitch

New Features/Tweaks:

  1. Better workflow for dragging clips onto timelines. We now create a “Default” mesh for a timeline track so you can subsequently add animations quicker.


  2. We allow the user to drag USD skel meshes onto an animation clip and the sequencer will do the right thing now!


  3. Audio creation from the sequencer button added, this button will generate a WAV file for your whole sequence for use in post production.


  4. Blast extension is available in the extension manager (although a very alpha feature!)

Bug Fixes:

  • Update to latest KIT 101 which includes several user facing issues.
  • Fixed the “Corrupted Character” bug
  • Enabled “Async Rendering” flag which helps with client UI performance when rendering large scenes.
  • Fixed several bugs related to client DPI settings. You will now get a better experience with the timeline when your monitor scaling is larger than 100%.
  • Fixed several crash bugs, including one which was mentioned on forums from trying to use a clip or track prim to create a clip. You will now just get an error instead of a crash.
  • Made the code more aggressive about hiding text when the size of a clip is very small. This should improve the accuracy of clip size relative to the animated asset being represented.
  • Updated several animation extensions to newer versions. This fixes some bugs related to constraints.
  • Updated Blast to a more recent version to fix a compatibility issue
  • Fixed several “Undo” operations in the Sequencer

Known Issues:

  • Some cameras DO NOT work with camera animation tool! Specifically a camera with a 4x4 matrix on the transform. When in doubt, make sure you create a new camera from “perspective”.
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Dear @DaneTrain , isn’t it version 2021.1.1? and not 2021.1.2?
Thanks for the audio export button and the blast.
I have verified that the Blast already charges and starts correctly.

We had an elevnth hour issue with version that required a quick version bump :) We’ll reconcile the version numbers next week with 2021.1.3!

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Very well! I just wanted to report in case it was a mistake.

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Dear @pekka.varis Great news. After hard work and hours and hours of dedication, the fruits emerge. Congratulations to all!

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