Omniverse main menu and audio2face only spin in offline mode

omniverse main menu only spin in offline mode, audio2face only spining in offline mode, starts ok after activeted internet acces, have had this problem before and i now think it appears after every time i uppgrade the omniverse main menu system, the others apps also spins when starting in offline mode, have loked in windows system firewalls but everyting in omniverse seems looks normal. any suggestion what i might be? will reainstall all omniverse tomorrow since i know this will solve the problem until I uppgrade the omniverse menu system next time.

Hello @ttpc! I need a bit more information so that I can direct you to the right person. What do you mean by the menu spinning? Would you be able to post a screenshot?

Also, if you could grab a log for me, that would help immensely.
Omniverse Logs: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs