Omniverse Maya connector failed installation with Maya Open

I had Maya 2022 open while installing the Omniverse Maya connector and so it prompted to close down Maya. Even after closing Maya, the installed refused to proceed and when terminated, now the connector is in LIMBO state and I can’t even uninstall it from Omniverse Launcher.

Is there a way to clean up the partially installed connector, so that I can proceed with a clean installation?


For anyone facing same issue, had to figure out the path to the connectors that are getting installed. It was ain an obscure folder named ov in Local AppData on Windows

Eg: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\maya-connector-102.2.3

Then had to run the MayaSetup.exe again to complete the installation. This time around, made sure that Maya 2022 wasn’t running