Omniverse New Development Publish and profit

Hi Can I develop My own omniverse Apps and New connectors to other Media and Scientific Software and if so, do I have the right to publish it and get profit

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I have essentially the same question. If a company pays for the Omniverse Enterprise license and develops an application with Kit, can the company sell/license the application to other companies with Enterprise licenses?

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From my teams video chat conversations with Jamie Allan from Nvidia, I know this is very possible :)


Hi All. I have alerted our pricing team of this post to help answer your questions. Should hear back shortly!

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Hi Everyone,

We’ve been getting several questions regarding developing on Omniverse and what the license model is, what forms of distribution will there be for developers who build Omniverse Extensions, Connectors, and/or Apps, and what is the process to get going. I’ll address a few key points here and encourage you to attend or upcoming Developer Day at GTC in November which features a full agenda of technical and business orientated sessions for developers.

Why Develop on Omniverse?

Read this great write up from Damien Fagnou, our Senior Director of Software: A Metaverse for Developers: Building on the Omniverse Development Platform.

Omniverse Developer Standard License

  • Free license to develop using Omniverse Kit:

  • Developers can make an App, Extension, or Connector

    • End Users of the developed App/Extension/Connector are required to have the Omniverse Launcher and an Omniverse for Individual or Omniverse Enterprise license:
      • Omniverse Platform for Individuals is free to download and is currently in Open Beta and will remain free after general release. It includes use of all beta functionality and enables collaboration with one other user.
      • Omniverse Enterprise is a yearly subscription-based solution that has a minimum initial purchase of 2 Omniverse Enterprise Creator licenses, 4 Omniverse Enterprise Nucleus licenses, and 10 Omniverse Enterprise Reviewer licenses for $9,000 (USD). (More information here.)
  • § Developers can sell on their own, and/or be featured through our Omniverse Community Exchange which is a work in progress

  • § Developers are not able to distribute any NVIDIA-developed Omniverse Apps or Extensions, nor Omniverse Nucleus or Kit.

Join the dedicated Omniverse Developer Day at NVIDIA GTC to learn more about developing, licensing, and to meet the community. If you have further questions, please post them here in the forums or join us on Discord.


OK… But if I want to be a distributor for Omniverse in MENA, how I can do that.

Omniverse Enterprise will be available from our NPN Partners. If you are currently a reseller of NVIDIA or want to be, please speak with our regional representative.

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