Omniverse on ARM64 architecture

I’m trying to install Omniverse on an Nvidia Clara AGX dev kit, unfortunately the installation AppImage doesn’t want to start and gives me a : “cannot execute binary file: Exec format error” error.

Is there any way to go around this and install Omniverse Create on ARM64 platform ?

Thanks !


Hello @antoine14! Welcome to the Community! I need to reach out to the development team to help answer this question. I will post back when I hear back from them.

@antoine14 I was informed that we currently only support Windows and Linux.

Hi @wendygram, thanks for the reply.

Yes, I understand the windows and linux support, the Nvidia Clara AGX is running linux Ubuntu, but Omniverse will not install because the architecture is arm64, any plan to support this ?

Thanks !

Jetson Orin unable to execute the AppImage either. I checked the hardware requirement of Omniverse, which is RTX A5000+ or 3070+. I understand that Orin may not be powerful enough to run Omniverse, but clear answer is wanted.

Hello, I am not sure what you mean by running Omniverse on the Jetson Orin. I suggest that you create a new post (since this one is older) with your question here: Omniverse Isaac Sim - NVIDIA Developer Forums. Be sure to include details on what you need assistance with!