Omniverse Point Cloud Support


I recently tested importing LIDAR scan data into Omniverse. (e57 point cloud)

It successfully imported and rendered, but when I tried referencing it in another new USD file I couldn’t see any points.

The model hierarchy in the new USD with the reference shows all relevant parts of the asset but I can’t see it at all in the viewport - No errors in console either, only warnings:

It is far away from the origin but I can press f to zoom to it in the non-referenced USD

Is there possibly a setting I need to change or is there something wrong with my file?

Thanks for reaching out @LMTraina99. This is a technical question I need to pose to one of our devs. If you can post your entire log(I assume you are using Create), please do so as it will help with context. Also, please make sure you have the latest driver for your particular GPU.

The point cloud rendering uses Flow. Flow must be enabled in the RTX render settings->Common->Flow section. The render settings are controlled by the root stage. So to make point cloud rendering work, you will need to enable Flow in your root stage, and set max blocks to align as well. (Since these settings are not inherited through the reference.)
The very first section here shows the render settings I mention:


Got it! Thank you!