Omniverse public roadmap?

I’ve read through the forums and looked through the #Omniverse hashtag on Twitter but I could not find a public roadmap of upcoming features, connectors (Blender, Houdini), and SDK integrations (Audio2Face, AI pose estimation).
Are there any plans for a public roadmap that would allow for transparency in regards to upcoming features and ETAs?

Cheers and congratulations on a fantastic first release!
Your work will undoubtedly reshape the 3D industry landscape.


Yes, I’m interested in the same. This version was very brittle and I didnt think at a point where one could build workflow(s) with OV.

So, I’m HIGHLY interested in when the next version drop will be released.

Hello there and thanks for the kind words. I’ll pass on your questions and try to get you an answer. All the best!


Hi, yes, I plan to make the roadmap public. I will try to have a version this week to review.

Thank you!
Frank DeLise


Thank you very much!

Omniverse Trello:

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can we get the A2F roadmap? I do not see it under Create App