Omniverse rendering performance on RTX 3060 and cloud alternatives

We are using Omniverse View and Create with a live connection to SketchUp for architectural rendering. Our local hardware is an RTX3060 laptop, and although everything “works”, the renderings appear to be limited to 1272 x 650 pixels, which is basically a cartoon version of the USD model.

Which Omniverse cloud service should we use to gain access to more compute power? We believe it’s Cloud Simple Share… is this where we can use Omniverse Virtual Workstations?

How do these services compare to RTX vWS from third-party vendors such as vMWare?

Thanks for the guidance. :)

Hello @nicholas.bedworth! It sounds like you may need more VRAM. Our minimum reccommended GPU, for Omniverse, is a 3070.

We do offer a can explore our options for Omniverse Cloud here: Experience Omniverse in the Cloud | NVIDIA

I do not have much information on vWS or vMWare, but you can try joining our discord community at and asking there. I’m sure we have several users that can help give you advice on using a 3rd Party Cloud Service!

Hello Wendy! Great seeing you on all the videos… reall informative and useful.

Here’s an interesting issue for you. We have gotten Omniverse running on AWS, but how to connect up SketchUp through the connector?

And more fundamentally, how do I get USD files into the AWS cloud Omniverse Nucleus?