Omniverse Showroom Dip Pool Demo Availability


I’m looking for an example of physics-based photoreal water in a USD file. The dip pool demo scene has been shown multiple times in the past but it seems it’s unavailable even in showroom (where it is part of the thumbnail).

Is there any way I can access this demo scene and see the workflow used to create it? Is it physics-based real time or is it an animation?

Also - a side note - it seems it’s impossible for users to post forum topics in the ‘Showroom’ scope of the forums here.



Hello @LMTraina99! I reached out to the development team for help answering your question.

I am also looking into why you were not able to post a new topic in the Showroom section of the forum. I moved this post to the Showroom category. Thank you for letting me know!

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Hi @LMTraina99! The development team informed me that the swimming pool demo has not been released yet due to some technical limitations with the water simulation physics. We do have several demos planned for release in the very near future, that one included!


Sounds good! I’m looking forward to it!

Thank you Wendy!

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