Omniverse Streaming Client 1.2.11 for iOS Released!

Hey all,

We’re happy to announce that the Streaming Client v1.2.11 for iOS is now on the app store.

Feature highlights:

  • Now supported on iPhones as well
  • Adds game controllers for navigation.
  • Uses CloudXR 3.3

This will re-enable Tablet AR modes in Create to work with CloudXR streaming again. We’re very happy with the quality of CloudXR 3.3, and apologize for those who had to wait for this version. If you held off on updating your NVIDIA RTX drivers due to CloudXR 2.1 support, you can update your drivers and move to work with Create 2022.3.

Note: This is a breaking change
CloudXR versions are currently matched with Streaming Client versions. If you update to this version of streaming client, previous versions of Create TabletAR modes will not work.

Note to Create XR users: Create XR support is coming
We’re working on a new version of Create XR with even more CloudXR integration features. It’s being finalized in the next few weeks, and will restore support for Tablet AR modes, as well as other CloudXR features. Stay tuned 👀

Omniverse XR Team


Hello, I’ve spent half a day trying to configure the connection between the Omniverse Streaming Client and Create XR. Could you please provide information on how to configure and establish communication with the server address? In my case, Create XR shows me six IP server addresses, but none of them are working.

Thank you,