Omniverse Streaming Client to server behind CGNAT


Has anyone found a solution to exposing an Omniverse server (I’m running Isaac Sim) through a CGNAT?

I understand that on the server I need to make these ports accessible:

  • The following ports need to be whitelisted: TCP/UDP 47995:48012, TCP/UDP 49000:49007, and TCP 49100.

Which I can’t really do because it’s behind a CGNAT. I have an ngrok tunnel for ssh, but the free tier doesn’t support multiple tunnels to the same IP for different ports.

Has anyone found a solution, or is there an NVIDIA sponsored one? (I could imagine an NVIDIA hosted reverse tunnel to help with this situation).


You would need to host your server on a 3rd party solution that is easily accessible via the web. AWS, Google Cloud etc.

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