Omniverse System Monitor issue: High CPU load

I caught several times when Omniverse System Monitor eats a lot of CPU 20%-30%, which result the battery in my laptop was eaten quite fast as well as laptop itself was overheating and fan was spinning like crazy. To resole I simply kill the process in TaskManager. But I’m still wondering what does OV System Monitor doing at this moment? Why does it take so much resource? Is there solution so it will not do that again?

Hello @ivanonuchin! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

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It happened again… I left computer unattended for hour or so and when came back - the fan was producing crazy noise trying to cool down. I’ve captured few screenshots this time if it could help

Would you mind possibly giving us your system specs as well please?

Here it is:

I’m about to uninstall Omniverse from this laptop (it does not support RTX anyway). But let me know if you need to know anything else before I do that.

Hello @ivanonuchin! It looks like your system does not meet our minimum requirements. You can take a look at our technical specifications for more information!