Omniverse To Unreal engine USD workflow not usable

I think there is a bug when it comes to exporting USD to Unreal Engine 5.2 via Omniverse Nucleus. The textures are not displaying when dragging the USD into the Viewport.

When I export using Omniverse and Nucleus over localhost if I want to see the textures in the scene I have to manually convert the USD by right clicking on the USD file and selecting “import usd” to convert the USD over to a static mesh to be able to see the textures in the scene. I do not want to have to do this I want to be able to preview the USD in the viewport without unpacking it to static meshes and materials and textures in the unreal content browser.

Alternatively if I just export to USD from Blender and skip using omniverse the meshes and textures do load in correctly and I do not need to make any extra steps to convert the USD over to a static mesh.

But I was hoping that omniverse would act like a bridge between blender and unreal engine and allow me to send an entire USD scene over for complex scenes or groups of objects so I can preview them in Unreal in USD format in the viewport. Then allow me to make changes in blender to the meshes or materials and one click update them in Unreal to see those changes propagate in the viewport … then when 100% sure no more changes are needed to the meshes or position or textures/materials I could convert the USD over in the viewport to static meshes and materials. I think that would be a pretty neat workflow if other things could also be automated like converting materials over to a chosen material instance and then assigning textures to the relevant parameters.

If omniverse cannot do this then I do not see any benefit to using omniverse and nucleus? I might as well stick to USD or FBX ?

What do you think?

Hi @dirkteucher,

I hope you don’t mind if I defer to my Omniverse colleagues as they know much more about the specific connectors to Blender and Unreal.

I am sure @WendyGram will find the right people to comment and help.


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The answer to this question is here Blender 3.6(Exchange version) to Omniverse to Unreal Engine 5.2 with Nucleus (Localhost) does not seem efficient

Thanks all who looked at it

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