Omniverse Toolbar not displaying in Creo

I’ve been working on getting the Creo connector working with version of Creo Parametric, but the Omniverse tab isn’t being loaded in Creo after I installed the connector. Is there a way to force this to appear, or another part to the plugin I need from the Creo end?

Hello @brett.j.amberge! I am checking with the development team on this.

Same for Creo Parametric…

I found same issue with Creo Parametric when I launched Creo from defult shortcut.
But, I launched Creo from “OmniCreo8.0.4.0” shortcut generated after installing connector, I could see “Omniverse” toolbar in Creo.
Checking difference “OmniCreo” shortcut and default one, I found “Start in” of “OmniCreo” was “C:\Users${username}\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\creo-connector-109.1.282\Creo8”.
I think whether “Omniverse” toolbar is shown is depend on “Start in” (“Target” of both shortcut are same).