Omniverse UE4 Plugin commandlet unusual behaviour with mutliple levels


I have got the UE4 commandlet working to export a map to my localhost. It works fine except for one issue i am having. My master map has levels in the levels window, mapA, mapB, and mapC. mapC contains blueprints that will not export to Omniverse. I am setting the commandlet to export one of these maps, mapB (as i don’t want to export mapC, the one with the blueprints).

For some reason, even though i have specified to only export the mapB map, it tries to read the data in the mapC map and the export fails. I have tried removing the mapC map from the levels window, but get the same result. The only way i can get the commandlet to work with mapB only, is to unload the mapC map from the levels window, then manually change it’s file extension in the Window file explorer, so UE4 can no longer see it, or, alternatively, delete all the objects in mapC and save it.

Any ideas why the commandlet would be trying to read data from all my maps, and not just the map i have specified in the commandlet instruction?

Hi Michael,
Thanks for reporting exporting issue of commandlet mode.
(1) What’s your parameters of the commandlet?
(2) Could you please paste your UE4 log for me when exporting mapB with commandlet?

We’ll look into the issue

Hi Julian,

I am executing the commandlet with the following parameters:

E:\Programming\UnrealEngine\UE4\Marketing\MoretonArchViz\MoretonArchViz.uproject -run=Omniverse -AllowCommandletRendering -UNATTENDED -map=/Game/Maps/Moreton_Day.umap -path=/Projects/Moreton -omniverse_server=localhost:3009 -user=michaelbaggott -collision=True -previewsurface=True -log=True -verbose=True

I have attached my logs. The log shows an Exception Access Viiolation, with no indication in the Stack Trace of what is causing it. This error does not occur if i remove mapC (SDotLevel) from the project, even though i am trying to export mapB (Moreton_Day). there is also a third map in the levels window, mapA (Moreton_Night) which does not cause any issues, though i cannot see the log trying to load it

I have also tried an absolute path to the map file, which results in the same error

MoretonArchViz.log (123.4 KB)
MoretonArchViz_2.log (124.4 KB)

Thanks, Michael,
MoretonArchViz_2 looks like the right log. We did pre-load the referenced maps, and that caused your crash (Because the real exporting isn’t happened yet).
We will improve our pre-load step.

BTW, the final exported usd is alright for the sublevel map, it won’t contain anything unrelated.

Thanks Julian,

Have you any idea how long something like this would take your team to address? days, weeks, months? We are working on an automation pipeline from UE4 to Ominverse which we are keen to get implemented as soon as possible, and would like to know if it’s feasible to wait for an update to the commandlet, or work out an alternative approach.


We’ve fixed the issue. It will be in the next release UE4 Connect

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