Omniverse USD libraries and Maya 2022 Python conflict

I’m wondering if anyone else has hit the following problem.

I’ve installed Python 3.6.8 in order to set up and use the USD Binaries that NVidia has provided. Everything, including USDView have worked as expected.

However, upon trying to install and use the Autodesk provided Maya 2022 USD plugins, I’ve discovered that when trying to enable those plugins (MtoH and MayaUSDPlugin 0.8.0) I get the following error:

// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2022/scripts/others/pluginWin.mel line 316: (MtoH)

I’ve discovered that it has to do with the Environment settings that are necessary to run the NVidia USD tools via the command line. I’ve also discovered that if I monkey around with the Windows Environment settings, I can get the plugin to “kinda” load in Maya, but with the following warning:

Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2022/scripts/startup/autoLoadPlugin.mel line 40: ImportError: file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2022\Python37\lib\site-packages\shiboken2\files.dir\ line 142: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found. #

This leads me to believe that the Maya native plugin is using Python 3.7.x, while the USD tools are still on 3.6.x.

Can I update my Python install to 3.7.x and run both cleanly? Before I go through that headache, I wanted to know if anyone has tried this?



Hi Beau, checking in to see if this got resolved. If not let me know and I can help investigate the issue.

Sorry for the wait, I checked in with the engineering team and our plugin cannot run side by side with other 3rd party plugins. Partner plugins must be completely uninstalled.

Thanks, Vince.

Bummer, but understood.


You could try Maya 2020.4

for pixar usd, even you compile usd from pixar github, it will collider with Maya usd and Houdini usd, same as Nvidia usd.
but when you disable maya, you can use Houdini usd system to make stage, or use another dcc.
So, that problem was not bummer, for my goal, if somebody or team tring usd workflow, they shouldnt stay at single dcc, otherwise, usd was diffrence like maya refrence system.

and for usd pipline, i think everybody should clearly know that usd are powerful but not easy to handle, and for most featrue need user delevope.

for now, Omniverse just beta, it still pretty good ,right?
stay and wait, it will be better.

Is there a solution for installing both mayaUsdPlugin.mll and OminverseMayaLoader.mll together in maya?
Because once I installed OminverseMayaLoader. MayaUsd plugin auto load get turn off. even if I tired to turn it on manually. I would get this error message.
// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2022/scripts/others/pluginWin.mel line 316: The specified procedure could not be found.
(mayaUsdPlugin) //

Hello @kluenchan. I believe the issue you are seeing may be related to this forum post: How to loadPlugin "OmniverseMayaLoader.mll" for maya2022 from mayapy. Because this post is older, I am adding your question to the post I linked above so that it gets addressed. Thanks for reaching out to us!