Omniverse View 2021.2 Released to Open Beta

I am pleased to announce that View 2021.2 has been released to Open Beta!

View has gone through some major updates since the last release, new features and new focus.

The new focus for View is about review and approval, fast navigation, easy inspection and communication with stakeholders. Previously View was focused on AEC mainly, but now we have transitioned it for AEC, MFG and M&E industries and will continue to add more features to be an excellent way to communicate and review.

Editing features have moved to our Omniverse Create product as our primary method for aggregating, editing and rendering your data for all industries. This will allow us to greatly simplify the user experience.

View 2021.2 Release Notes

Switch to Dark Mode for UX

We have modernized the UI for View to be far more streamlined and purposeful for the review process.


Waypoints allow users to store many aspects of the Application and Scene State. These waypoints can then be navigated freely along with notes and other useful information.

Section Tool

A simple utility allowing users to do sectional cutaways of scenes.

See Documentation for More Information

Movie Capture

Movie Capture has received several updates and additions including a more refined UI, Inclusion of Sun Study in Recording Options, Sequence Support and more.

See Documentation for More Information

Navigation Bar

Easing the navigation, a new Navigation Bar allows quick access to the most common navigation methods.


Also allows for a “cheat-sheet” for new users to learn the navigation Key Commands.


Other Additions

  • Combine toolbars into one on the right side
  • Move review/edit mode switch to lower right corner of viewport
  • Move viewport resolution to lower right corner of viewport
  • Add section tool
  • Add material editor window
  • Movie Capture - Add Sequence support
  • Support for vMaterials in Material browser
  • Add Share File option to File menu
  • Edit menu has too many entries
  • Improve Auto Exposure with Sun Study for Day/Night Exposures
  • Modify View simple Render panel to use standard kit widgets
  • Open to the default camera in USD - no more fit to extents or changing camera
  • Section Tool UX improvements
  • Some Dynamic Skies North Orientation Setting Isn’t Working in View
  • Sun Study Location Tool broken Preset and Longitude
  • These panels only launch via command
  • Update Upgrade Library Paths for View and Content
  • Add more options to the Advanced Menu
  • Add Timeline UX
  • Added Top / Left / Right views in View
  • Animation timeline should be available in view
  • Asset browser points to ov-content for Vegetation and Marbles
  • Assets from content library should be made as scene instances
  • Capture/Restore cameras
  • Change Iray mode back to Photo
  • Change prompt from Collaboration to Nuclues
  • Change to a different resolution by default
  • Checkpoint Support
  • Content update panel
  • Display Options Are Hard To See Such As FPS, Are Covered By the WayPoint, Screenshot and Workspace Icons
  • Dock the movie maker UI
  • Document Section tool
  • Document View Movie maker
  • Enable File, Import
  • Expose totalSpp and subFrames settings
  • Extensions Options Under Advanced in View Disappears After Turning On Extensions
  • F Stop needs a smaller range
  • File Picker should remember the last folder session to session
  • Implement the movie maker in view
  • In Preview mode, change the resolution scale to 1 from default 0.66 during capturing and restore it when capture finishes
  • Internal References do not display materials properly
  • Keep Draft (RT) the same as Create
  • Layer menu entry needs to be removed from Window
  • Make the start/end/current time in sync with the sun study window
  • Material / Sky / Asset should be using S3 not ov-content
  • Nav tips screen overlay
  • Need as Assets browser for Trees/Shrubs
  • Note support for a waypoint
  • Polish Font sizes
  • Preview needs 100 samples
  • Remove the Create menu
  • Render Resolution Viewport
  • Render Settings is missing under the Render menu
  • Replace details panel with the property panel
  • Review mode should not be Viewport resolution
  • Section tool from View 2021.1 to also be available in Create
  • Splash screen carousel
  • Stage view disappears after cycling Review/Edit mode
  • Start in Edit mode, Full screen Viewport
  • Sun Study - Updated Icons / ui
  • Support S3 URL’s in the Connectors
  • Turn off Fast Navigation
  • Update the RTX render panel for View
  • Update to Omni Client Library 1.13
  • Use a camera orientation for a NEW stage so we see the sky
  • UX polish

Quality Fixes:

  • Add missing lines to ux
  • Black flashes when moving the viewport camera slowly
  • Camera breaks when clicking on Camera UI and reopening the scene
  • If View is left idle, upon returning, UI can’t be properly adjusted
  • Material Mapper Tool is broken
  • Need to remove the Viewport tab
  • Review mode still has a panel showing on the right side
  • Sky turns black with Live Sync enabled when 1 user sets a new sky to the scene
  • Some colors are wrong in various parts of View
  • update icons and alignment for ViewportDashboard / Toolbar
  • View does not close automatically when user has unsupported GPU driver installed and closes the Renderer error message
  • Viewport display menu does not work
  • Camera drop down menu does not work if you click the camera name
  • Cannot apply HDR via the Sky Browser
  • Cannot Create Camera from View
  • Cannot import and convert
  • Cannot shutdown when the startup panel is shown
  • Ceramic_Tile_18 In Material Browser Shows Red In Thumbnail
  • Clicking the Movie Icon does not toggle the Movie Capture tool window (on or off)
  • Create Folder Icon and Field Are Out Of Alignment
  • Draft mode really isn’t on by default in View
  • Glass is Broken In Both Create and View
  • IGES - File, Import does not filter on .IGES or .IGS
  • Iray does not have a sky shown, it is black
  • It Takes A Few Saves To Update Thumbnails in Create and in View
  • Lens and Zoom on the UI Causes Weird Camera Movement When Zoom is at 0.0 and Lens Defaults to 0-300mm in View
  • Live Sync camera squash
  • Material Browsers takes a long time to populate the vMaterials and Base families
  • Movie maker cannot render to a 4K resolution - Nothing happens
  • Odd message about active layer when loading a file
  • Remove Content (OLD) menu entry
  • Re-opening a project USD (external sub layer) hangs Create and View
  • Rotate Tool does not work in View
  • Section - Toggle of Light Option does not seem to behave as it used
  • Sky Browser placing sky/hdri under Environment Prim
  • Splash screen never really goes away
  • Stage is missing from the Window menu
  • Starting up iray version fails
  • Sun Study is missing the shortcut Ctrl-U
  • Sun Study Location Changes Don’t Save After Pressing Apply
  • Sun Study low perf
  • Sun Study no longer has Ctrl-U shortcut in View
  • Super Res does not capture with the correct number of samples in Preview/Photo modes
  • The Night Sky Gets a Little Too Dark? Dynamic Sky Autoexposure Issue
  • Thumbnails in the Recent pane for sign in no longer appear
  • Timeline editor does not display when enabled
  • Title bar text flickers
  • Tool Tips That Are Missing in View
  • View chops the file names in the Open dialog and replaces with dots
  • View incompatible material with Create
  • View launches in a small resolution that makes affects normal usage
  • Viewport Ribbon bar gets taller in Edit mode
  • Water In Material Browser Shows Red In Thumbnail
  • Waypoints - Do not save/restore properly in View
  • When going back to PT mode in Fast Navigation (from Draft, RT), weird flash/image
  • X or Close Button Is Cut Off in Welcome To Omniverse Menu in View
  • Zoom is broken … scrolls entire application