Omniverse View USD Layers

Hi Omniverse Team,

Is there options to turn on/off USD layers in View like in Omniverse Create ( When I open a usd file in View consisting of many sub layers of usd done in Create, unable to see any layers which is helpful to turn on/off options for reviewing workflow ) ? Thank you.

Hello @DavidDPD! View should have the ability to turn visibility on and off in the Stage by clicking the Eye icon. If you don’t have the stage window open, you can find it under Window > Stage. Here is a link to the documentation if it helps: Stage — Omniverse View documentation. Please let me know if this helped answer your question!

I do know that stage shows everything and the ability to hide or unhide per object but in stage it is unable to tell which objects is under a specific layer and making it difficult to hide and unhide a design option for quick review, which is different from Omniverse Create which we make use of layers to assemble the scene. It would be good for View to have the layer tab available so that specific layers/option can be turn on and off quickly. Thanks !