Omniverse Viewer to Oculus Quest

is it possible to stream the Omniverse Viewer content to a oculus quest? or to connect any
tethered VR system?

thank you!

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This is in the works through the CloudXR extension. Scheduled for late January.

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How could I get access to it

Hi, we are still working on it. We are making great progress but we need to finalize some performance and APIs.

Here is an in-progress video you can check out. As for timing, its not clear yet. I will add more detail in the roadmap.


Does this exist yet ?
Is it possible to use quest 2 headset with omniverse create or view for example ?

Hi @m.oumoumad!

VR support is on our roadmap here: Public Omniverse Roadmap and I have to mention that it will support RTX! I do not have a date yet, but if its on our roadmap, it will be released very soon!


This is very intriguing. I recently had to prepare a Blender file for graphic design students who needed to preview a on-site poster installation. At the time, blender seemed the easiest and most direct way to do it, as both Unity and Unreal engine scare people away. With Create, this becomes a very interesting option for school use! Looking forward to it

Hello @WendyGram
I’ve been constantly checking the trello for the progress on the VR, I noticed it was moved now to a new “omniverse XR” and I see it has an “in beta” label, is it possible to have access to this beta ? we’re in constant VR testing lately and we’re met with so much limitations on unreal, we’d love to know the potential possibilities in omniverse even if the features aren’t fully ready yet so we can evaluate towards which we should develop our pipelines.
Thank you,

Update : I see XR beta in my omniverse launcher, installing it now, so excited !