Omniverse/Visual/Single-Sided <-- This does NOT work

I am importing from Maya a functional UV mapped textured sphere with a video playing inside of it. It is single-sided with the poly normals facing in.
As a cover for this dome, I am using an Out pointing single-sided sphere and have a separate video playing on the outside.
The Omniverse/Create/Property/Visual toggles for single-sided / double-sided does not work!
Nothing happens when I toggle those buttons.
How do I apply a video to the inside of a UV mapped hemisphere? I’ve already done it in Maya. Thank you all for your suggestions on how to Make UV mapped domes in Omniverse.

~mar sorell

Hi Mar, checking with the dev team on this! In the meantime, here is our playlist for Maya (also accessible from the Omniverse Launcher’s LEARN tab: Playlist | PARTNER - Autodesk Maya | NVIDIA On-Demand


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