Omniverse XR Beta 2022.1.0 often not responding

Omniverse XR Beta 2022.1.0 often not responding after start AR with CloudXR and no longer back to work, I need to kill the Omiverse Kit process via task manager and re-launch the app.
Any suggestion will be appreciated!

CPU: 16
RAM: 110G
GPU: V4 * 1

Hello @patrickkh_lin! Could you attach a copy of your logs found here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\<APPNAME>

Also, what Operating System & GPU / GPU driver are you using?

Hi Wendy, thanks for reply. First of all I need to apologize and correct the GPU above, it should be T4, not V4.

BTW, we are running these applications on Azure VM.

OS: Win10 Pro, 21H2
GPU: Tesla T4, driver version 472.39

I’ve attached the not responding’s screenshot and the omniverse XR logs in this post.
Thank you very much! (775.9 KB)