OmniverseXR VR Rendering Bug

Hi, I am using the OmniverseXR VR feature with Oculus quest 2 and I link them using steamVR. The problem is that everything looks separated on VR when I render using OmniverseXR. For example, when it is rendering one box, if the box is super close to the VR headset then it will look relatively fine, but as box moves away from the VR camera it separates more. I have tried removing the entire Omniverse including the cache files and installed everything again, nothing worked so far. Other Oculus apps work well, so I dont think problem is about the headset. Would appreciate any help to fix this problem?

Hello @ozgulege! I informed the dev team about this post. What is your current system environment? OS, GPU / GPU Driver?

Hey ozgulege, can you share a video and your scene?