OMX buffer and FD

Can i use nvbuf_utils function with OMX buffers allоcated with parameter NVX_PARAM_USENVBUFFER true setting (or without it) ?

This is example of working code:

// some code above have OMX_BUFFERHEADERTYPE* buffer
int fd_omx;
ExtractFdFromNvBuffer(buffer->pBuffer, &fd_omx);

// try use it with another nvbuffer fd created by NvBufferCreateEx

NvBufferTransform(fd_omx, fd, &transform_params)

How can i use in OMX stack nvbuffers created by NvBufferCreateEx?

Please refer to

On 32.1, it is not required to call NvReleaseFd() along with ExtractFdFromNvBuffer().