On AGX I2C Bus-1 (pin 27,28) showing continuously I/O error

When we are trying to use GPIO 27,28 as I2C pins in Jetson Xavier AGX dev kit for I2c multiplexer and single sensors also its showing as I/O error. As per previous forum discussions we have even added jumper for J514 pins for 3.3V, even though we are facing same issue.

Did you probe to check if the device ack?

Please use oscilloscope to observe if this I2C can generate correct waveform as expected.

Initially its showing I2C device address but when i am running it its showing i/o error

Have you checked the signals waveform?

I2C code on NX dev kit at bus port 1 pin (27,28) is working fine, but same code with AGX xavier on Bus port 1 showing continuously I/O Error, Is three any defect in I2c ports of AGX ? or it is drawback of AGX

getting continuously i/o error same code is working fine with NX dev kit

We checked Jumper 514 at 1&2 position , 3.3 voltage is coming at SDA(27) ,& SCL(28),we observed clk and data line on oscilloscope , Same code ON NX platform & AGX platform with same library and version ,On NX working fine but AGX is not supporting it showing error 121 i.e. I/O Error

Can you update pinmux registers like this:
pinmux.0x0c302030 = 0x00000560
pinmux.0x0c302040 = 0x00000560

Either update pinmux bct and reflash device or you can make changes after boot using devmem tool but registers get reset on every boot.

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