On Gentoo Quadro T600 Causing High CPU Comsumption

I have configured a Gentoo GNU/Linux with a Quadro T600 GPU and the Nvidia-Linux-x86_64-470.63.01.run had been installed before I switched the my early Nvidia GPU the P4000 into this one the T600.

Before I switch into this T600, the stable consumption of my Gentoo GNU/Linux is nearly zero for CPU and the ECC memory is lower than 1GB at rest, no matter the driver is Nouveau one or the 470 one.

After I finished this switch, I found both of my CPU and ECC memory cost have been enlarged, there always is a CPU thread is shown as 100% for every a few seconds and meanwhile the memory consumption is above 2GB.

In the end, Synchronizing with the CPU peaks, there are Network peaks in size of 800B/s.

I am worried about my GPU T600 was affected by some malware and trying to monitor it, please give me some suggestion and interpretation here, thanks!

Saito Kocha